BrainState Training

Our Brains Can Be Trained Just Like Our Muscles

A healthy and balanced brain is just as important as a healthy body and a balanced diet. Within a few session, brain training can have lasting improvements in how we think, feel, act and perform. These lasting improvements in the brain translate back to the body in our physical health; all are connected.

Training Protocols: Short list

Explore your inner world with brainwave feedback.

You'll receive the benefits of more than 60 years of neuro-science research: all available at your finger tips!

The wisdom of great sages awaits you. Click each image here to discover what a small collection of training protocols have to offer you.

One client exclaimed, "This machine is like having a Guru in your closet!"

Benefits / Protocols

The benefits found in brain training are far-reaching, but there are a handful that we focus on. Within these core areas, powerful results are able to be seen in the least amount of time, which means that your experience is ehanced and expedited. As we said, our goal is to uplift those around us, and this is one of the most genuine ways in which we can do so. Don't wait to feel these energetic shifts; contact us for more information or to start a conversation.

  • c


    Be in control of your moods, feelings, expressions and impulses. See positive effects first hand in your relationships.

  • b


    Enhance your concentration and ability to pay attention. Sharpen your mind and keep it crisp. Lift your brain fog. Reverse aging brain.

  • d


    Alleviate repititious thoughts and correct behavior patterns you feel are outside of your control. Remove distracted, dreamy states.

  • f

    Deep States

    Feel at peace and connect with your core inner-self. Allow yourself the meditative space necessary for healing and growth.

  • p


    Heal your mental response to abuse, life stressors, and other detrimental phsychological patterns that lead to addictions and compulsive behavior.

  • m


    Realign imbalances in your body. Boost energy levels, improve sleep, reduce headaches, let go of anxiety and much more!


Our pricing model is straightforward and in line with the rest of our principles. Our goal is to provide you with tangible value and real meaning in your life. We have been told by people from all over the world that our pricing is very low and we plan to keep it that way. The more accesible brain training is to the masses, the more positive change that we will see and experience, which is our mission in life. For individual and multi-session pricing, please view the options here.

  • Intro to Brain Training

    Tier 1

    100 USD : 3,500 THB

    We start you out with a simple review, with analogies of how brain training works. Then, we get you connected up so that you can have the real experience of what it’s like to receive feedback from your brain. You can see it, hear and feel it. It’s not something you think about… it’s something you do. You have to experience it personally to feel it’s amazing potential for change/adjustment and balance.

  • Protocol Training

    Tier 2

    100 USD : 3,500 THB

    After an initial introduction, we’ll have a better picture of where you are in your brain, what makes you tick, and what makes your brain as individual as your finger print. With that information, we put you on a path of a few custom designed protocols to give you real access to training your own brain. We’re not the doers here; You are the one doing the training. We’re here to facilitate your own journey of discovery. We’ll take notes for you while your having your sessions, and then send them to you so that you can feel how to drop into specific brainstates whenever needed through out your day.

  • Full Brain Assesment

    Tier 3

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    Unlocking the full power of brainstate training means customizing a full and complete regime of circuit training for your brain, just like going to the gym to work with your physical body by muscle groupings. After recording an initial assessment that measures both subjective and objective personalized inputs, we’ll get a complete descriptive picture of your brain. Your personal assessment tells us how to coach your brain to focus it’s energy and efforts. Unlike the gym work out, we don’t tell your brain what to do… we like for your brain to figure that out on it’s own... similar to comparing astanga style strength building yoga to relax/release style yin-yoga. We lead your brain to it’s own discoveries...as your brain wants to be balanced, in harmony and light.

  • Custom Brain Kit

    Tier 4

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    After an initial assessment and setting up a personalized training program customized for you, we can send you home with a full and complete package to continue your journey by self-training. Let us do the difficult/complex part of the initial setup. Once it becomes as easy as clicking on a single button, you can take over your own training. Our units are completely portable and can travel with you any where in the world. You’ll truly be getting a Buddha in a box!

Our Tech

We use a set of specifically selected tools to enhance you knowledge and experience of your inner world. Everything you change on the inside effects your world view and interactivity in the world around you.




We use professional level EEG technology as a biofeedback tool to provide visual and auditory feedback of your own brainwaves for training your brain. Specific brainwave activation patterns represent different Brain States: feelings, emotions, cognition, meditation, self-healing, peak performance, attention and much more. Your brain ‘wants’ to be in harmony, balanced and flexible. But, just like your car’s tires go out of alignment over-time, so does your brain; it gets stuck in it’s own bad habits. Getting your brain back to balance will feel natural and the rediscovery of Brain States you’ve know in your past will make you feel lighter, easier, energized and joyful.




HEG uses a relative new light-wave, neurotherapy technology to activate oxygenated blood flow into the frontal lobes of your brain. It’s non-invasive, quick, easy, painless and very effective. As any practiced meditator knows, Increasing blood flood and oxygen can have a hosts of immediate benefits… better concentration, impulse control, emotional balance, head ache and pain relief, better sleep, less stress, more efficient concentration, clarity of mind and much more..



Audio/Visual Stimulation

AVS technology has been around a long time; even the Greeks experimented and documented the use of flashing lights and sounds to change Brain States. When we combine light-wave brain-entrainment, with sound-wave brain entrainment and apply our knowledge of neurofeedback technology… amazing things start to happen. You may journey, deal with issues old and new, have a completely new and non-speakable experience, get clarity on pending issues, or let go and surrender deeper than you’ve ever thought possible. One thing is sure, you’ll know more about yourself and your mind’s capacity to expand awareness.

Brain training changed my life. After sitting on a remote Thailand beach for a month straight with a brain trainer and going through every protocol, I realized that this was something I needed to share with the world. Initially I began helping friends and family, but soon after people from all over were contacting me for session. Now, my team and I use personalized protocols to help people all over the globe.

Marc Cofer

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We love to connect with people in this life and to help promote positive change. That is why we do what we do. People in over 22 countries have felt the positive effects of our work, and that number is still growing.

Contact us and connect in any way that you feel fits with your situation, whether that be to schedule your first brain training with us or to get more information on this incredible realm of existence. We are here for you, so don't second guess your intuition.

Contact Marc Cofer at 086-196-6264 in Thailand (+66 86-196-6264 calling internationally) or email marc@brainstate.org with details of your level of interest.

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